“A Message to the Public” by A. B. Walker: Adding an overlooked Canadian voice to UBC's Rare Books and Special Collections

An image of the cover page to A Message to the Public by A.B. Walker

Searching for a book to add to UBC’s Rare Books and Special Collections Library, I discovered the intriguing pamphlet “A Message to the Public,” published in New Brunswick in 1905. For a Special Collections Library Management assignment, I argue UBC's RBSC should purchase this rare pamphlet written by one of Canada’s first Black lawyers and civil rights advocates.

Introduction to Symbolic Music Information Retrieval

A graphic showking kern symbolic MIR encoding and music bars

I prepared a research paper on the relatively new and dynamic field of symbolic music information retrieval (MIR), a sub-domain of information retrieval (IR). My report provides an overview of the technology, a review of MIR literature, and an introduction to an existing MIR website, The Josquin Research Project. In this post, you can read the report’s introduction and literature review that shows an in-depth understanding of symbolic MIR and provides some critical analysis of the literature.

Special Libraries Association Student Chapter

Signage in the stacks of a cancer library

As Tour Coordinator for UBC’s Special Libraries Association Student Chapter, I am in charge of researching libraries, contacting potential tour hosts, setting up tour dates, communicating this information to club members, and more.

Predatory Publishers: The role of science librarians

For a class on Science and Engineering Librarianship, my team-mates and I delivered an informative presentation on predatory publishers. I focused on awareness and education, as well as evaluation tools and strategies available to librarians. Our presentation covered the history of predatory publishing, how predatory publishers & journals are identified, the impact of predatory publishing on the sciences, its impact on the Global South, and the role of science librarians.

RILM database instructional presentation for undergraduate students

The homepage of RILM - screenshot

For a course on information retrieval systems, I researched the information literacy needs and obstacles of undergraduate music students. Based on my findings, I developed and led an effective and engaging student-centred lesson on how and why to use the database RILM when researching music. Preparing and leading this lesson was fun for me because I got to apply my teaching skills acquired from my previous jobs in Korean universities to the information literacy field.

Clovis Museum website prototype: A user-friendly website for older people

An old photo of Clovis Livery and Feed shop with men and horses in front

I designed a website prototype for a local museum in Clovis, California. My co-designer and I identified that seniors were the main visitors to the existing website but that it was terribly user-unfriendly and inaccessible for all users, worse so for older users. After examining UX and Human-Computer Interaction literature on seniors’ difficulties accessing information online, we re-designed the website to be accessible and user-friendly for adults over 65.

Seminar - Information & Empowerment: Indigenous Knowledge

A map from NativeLand.ca

I facilitated a seminar on Indigenization and decolonization of information organization. I learned more about how knowledge organization systems are being developed that incorporate Indigenous peoples’ approaches to knowledge and ways of knowing and came up with learning activities for my classmates to examine and discuss these issues in a critical way.

Parksville Museum - Website Design

Logging with a truck in the 1920s

I designed a new website for a local Vancouver Island museum, the Parksville Museum. The result is a welcoming and visitor-focused website that can be scaled-up as the museum grows. The website is pragmatic but also stokes visitors’ curiosity in local history and the museum's community engagement.

Descriptive System Components: Jazz Solos & Sheet Music

A man playing the sax

For this assignment, I described two descriptive systems: one an existing descriptive system and proposed a new descriptive system. Each separate description identified combinations of content standards, markup formats, and controlled vocabularies. For the existing system, I chose the Sheet Music Collections of York University’s YorkSpace repository. For the second part, I proposed a system that would allow the performances of jazz solos in jazz recordings to be organized and described.

Music Library & Diversity: Topic Briefing

A close up of a record player

I researched and wrote a concise and compelling topic brief for the UBC Music, Art, and Architecture Library director arguing for the music division to contribute to diversity initiatives by implementing cultural events, programs, and exhibits that promote diversity.