Predatory Publishers: The role of science librarians

For a class on Science and Engineering Librarianship, my team-mates and I delivered an informative presentation on predatory publishers. I focused on awareness and education, as well as evaluation tools and strategies available to librarians. Our presentation covered the history of predatory publishing, how predatory publishers & journals are identified, the impact of predatory publishing on the sciences, its impact on the Global South, and the role of science librarians.

The homepage of RILM - screenshot

RILM database instructional presentation for undergraduate students

For a course on information retrieval systems, I researched the information literacy needs and obstacles of undergraduate music students. Based on my findings, I developed and led an effective and engaging student-centred lesson on how and why to use the database RILM when researching music. Preparing and leading this lesson was fun for me because I got to apply my teaching skills acquired from my previous jobs in Korean universities to the information literacy field.