Parksville Museum – Website Design

Logging with a truck in the 1920s

I designed a new website for a local Vancouver Island museum, the Parksville Museum. The result is a welcoming and visitor-focused website that can be scaled-up as the museum grows. The website is pragmatic but also stokes visitors’ curiosity in local history and the museum's community engagement.

Homepage - tablet; Heritage Buildings page - mobile

As well as designing a user-friendly and accessible web site for the museum, I trained staff members on how to update the site's contents. This included training co-op students as well as older adults with fewer web skills, which required adaptable teaching skills.

Although developing an intuitive information architecture was challenging due to conflicting ideas between museum board members, I was able to come up with a plan for organizing the contents of the website that satisfied board members without being too overwhelming or confusing for users.

I chose to use CMS Wordpress for the website so staff could update and scale up the site without too much difficulty. I chose to build the website using Divi page builder, which provides considerable flexibility, and adapted the design using extensive additional css.

For the design, I drew inspiration from three excellent user-friendly, large-scale websites: Nashville Zoo at Grassmere, Nashville, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield, UK, and The Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

I chose to host the site with SiteGround, which consistently ranks as the top web hosting company for small businesses and organizations and provides excellent customer service.


"Thank you so much for transforming our website from doom and gloom to beautiful and bright! "
Mary Ellen Campbell - President, Parksville Historical Society

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